Life In A Nutshell

I’m trying to repost some of my blogs from my other pages that sparked a bit of interest. (ie. comments…might not do the same here but still its nice to have all my thoughts in one place.  So the following comes from the tail end of 2011. Oh yeah!)

Okay, so I started this as a draft the day before the day after yesterday, thus the date is off. This is officially my first blog because it’s not really about the new book, which I had told myself was all I was going to do on here. But I keep reading/seeing/hearing such cool/funny/strange stuff that I owe it to myself to write it down. Not that you couldn’t live without it but its write it down or do chores…you can clearly see where my loyalties lie. No really, that’s the truth.

The state of America…hmmm…so much has been said. The economy is bleak, unemployment is around 24 million unemployed, Dow is yoyo-ing, credit rating downgraded, allies are offended or at the very least dumbfounded, enemies are giggling, debt ceiling raised so we can borrow more money to give to other countries, illegals being given free food-housing-medical-taxes-education etc while seniors can’t get SS and veterens can’t get respect. The list goes on and on.

Why isn’t congress doing something? Oh they’re recessed til November. Wait! What? Where’s the president then. What? He’s on vacation? Are you kidding me? I don’t care if the 9-day August vacation to the coast IS sacrosanct. We’re in kind of a spot here. Didn’t he just take a vacation like right in the middle of the BP oil spill crisis?? I haven’t been able to afford a vacation since then. Guess the American people are tightening our belts a bit more than our elected.

When my kid’s room is a mess, like our country seems to be…I make em go in there and clean it up. And don’t come out until you’re done. And then when they say they’re done I go in and pull all the junk out from under the bed and in the closet and shoved behind their dressers and make em do it again until it’s a least better. Boy, this country better be thankful that I’m not its dad…

Okay, so enough of that. I posted on my other page a thought I had yesterday. You know how some fancy hotels will simply skip the 13th floor, going straight from 12 to 14…purely for superstitious reasons. I wish restaurants would leave “number two” off their menus.

Do you realize how uncomfortable it is to walk up to a counter and ask for a number 2. Hello sir, how may I help you? Uh, I’d like a number 2…Yes sir, well for that you need to walk down the hall. It’s the first door on your left. Ahem!

A friend of mine was talking about my book yesterday and mentioned to me that he couldn’t wait the movie came out. Here’s a quote for him.

                                           “Having your book turned into a movie

                              is like having your oxen turned into bullion cubes.”

(John LeCarre)

That might make a good wall post.  Anyhoo ( I hate it when people say anyhoo…) Another quote is “never judge a book by its movie” (JW Eagan). So…anybody seen any good books turned into good movies? The one that comes to my mind is LOTR trilogy. Peter Jackson did a fabulous job with that one and I can’t wait until his HOBBIT movie comes out next year.

HOWEVER, ANYONE SEEN ANY GOOD BOOKS TURNED INTO BAD MOVIES? The ones that come to my mind are BATTLEFIELD EARTH AND CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR…great books, horrible movies. I was not impressed with THE NOTEBOOK movie either after reading the book. I am very excited to check out GAME OF THRONES tv series too…excellent books by George RR Martin. What movies have disappointed you?

Okay, I guess I’m a bit blogged out for now. Had some other thoughts…stupid songs on the radio, yardsales, nosey neighbors…but I guess I’ll let them percolate for a while. Mmmm…now I’m thirsty.

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